• Andreas Diesenreiter

    Andreas Diesenreiter

  • Lin Liu

    Lin Liu

    Industrial Engineer turned VC with a fascination for personal finance and self development.

  • Thomas Krogh Jensen

    Thomas Krogh Jensen

    Father. Runner. Foodie. CEO of Copenhagen FinTech and trying to build a thriving Danish fintech ecosystem together with an awesome team of passionate people.

  • Alex Kiltz

    Alex Kiltz

    Early-stage VC @UVC_Partners investing in enterprise software, mobility & industrial technology startups in Europe.

  • Michael Schneider

    Michael Schneider

    Serial Entrepreneur & Founder I Company & Venture Builder I NBA Fan I proud Dad

  • Harald Federspiel

    Harald Federspiel

  • Niklas Fip

    Niklas Fip

    VC @Speedinvest with a passion for industrial tech, mobility and software.

  • Andy


    Explorer of human potential. Guinea pig of the mind. Crypto ninja and full time advocate.

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